Cocktail Rings that Stand Out

Sliding on the perfect cocktail ring by Nikki Sedacca is nothing short of a ‘Cinderella Moment.’ In each unique design, we see the artist’s hand. Each ring in the Endless Love Collection is one-of-a-kind and made by the designer herself. Twists and turns of 18kt gold or sterling silver form organic blooms like that of an abundant garden. 

Living in Florida, she is immersed in nature and inspired by the warm glow of the sunrise on her morning walks by the Gulf and past the John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art. Nikki has had a lifelong passion for the arts in its variety of mediums, and her cocktail rings fuse the function of jewelry with fine art. Wearable sculpture adorns the hand. Her pieces are collected and treasured for a lifetime. 


Statement rings are empowering. They are a testament to your own personality and special because at any moment, you may look down at your hand and find joy from your jewels. These chic rings become an important reminder of the style, confidence and strength within.

Nikki highlights the beauty of sunny 18kt gold with soft texture. Here, the metal takes center stage. Nikki also accents a selection of the rings with diamonds bezel set in 18kt gold, for the woman who needs a little sparkle with her shine. There will never be another ring exactly the same, just like there will never be another you. 

Nikki creates contemporary art jewelry. These are not your traditional rings. They are designed for the woman who is living in the now. Nikki can even take diamonds from a sentimental family piece and set them into a custom ring or one that is ready to wear. Click here to find out more about the transforming your family heirlooms in this previous article.

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