Nikki Sedacca has perfected the art of turning wire into wearable works of art... from classical to cutting edge, pre-Columbian to Asian, her signature wirework captures “The Art of Jewelry.” One-of-a-kind designs inspired by the shapes, textures, colors and beauty of the world around her; interweave exotic pearls, precious gems and unusual semiprecious stones with 14k and 18k gold, sterling silver or platinum in gleaming, hand-crafted creations. Sedacca’s 18-karat gold, sterling silver, fine pearl and gemstone pieces are sold in select boutiques nationally and internationally.

Sedacca grew up attending fashion shows with her fashion model and designer mother and fell into the jewelry design naturally. She worked in the fashion industry until she designed her first paradox necklace that she sold to a girlfriend 30 years ago; Sedacca eventually made a career selling one piece of jewelry at a time.

Five things that inspire Nikki Sedacca:

Nature — Nature is my biggest inspiration. I am so inspired by the sea. Being born in Key West and spending my entire life close to the water, I constantly notice that I am drawn to more organic and natural shapes and colors the way they occur in nature.

Color — I love unusual color combinations. There is something about the unexpected pairing and pop of color that really catches my attention. I am always in search of new combinations and often take photos and screenshots along my travels when I see something I like. When I come home to create, these photos inspire me.

Beautiful materials — Things like exotic pearls and beautiful stones inspire me. Before I start a piece, I always lay out my materials and am so quickly inspired to get working because of the individual beauty in the materials, themselves.

My travels — The textures, design, craftsmanship and cultural influences of art, jewelry and fashions are so different around the world. My travels to the Far East, South America, India and Europe have influenced my work and I find that upon coming home from one of these trips I take my designs in a new direction with the influences of those things I have seen from afar.

People — People and their energy inspire me. Because of this, I always try to surround myself with positive and unique individuals. I am drawn to people who are passionate, hardworking, confident and individual. My closest family, friends and colleagues are these types of people, and they inspire me on a daily basis.



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