The Evolution: Endless Love Diamond Hoops

When the Endless Love Collection first launched four years ago, Nikki Sedacca took a courageous leap into the beautiful unknown. This style is different from her signature tightly woven wire pieces on which she spent the past 30 years building her career. 



The Endless Love Collection uses a heavier gauge wire and a more abstract form. Each piece is inspired by taking just one singular piece of metal, either 18kt yellow gold or sterling silver or both, and organically twisting and turning it into unpredictable swirls and shapes. Bracelets’ closures are hidden by the wrapping extending around the entire shape of the wrist.

We see Nikki continuing to evolve and push the boundaries on her creativity and design. With the introduction of bezel set diamonds, the Endless Love Collection both sparkles and shines. 

One of the highlights from this evolution is the new Endless Love Hoop with Diamonds. These earrings are best understood through video, as two diamonds are thoughtfully placed into the hoop and one diamond charm dangles and sparkles from the bottom of the hoop. 

Nikki designs jewelry for the woman who is not afraid to stand out from the crowd. Sedacca says, “I am endlessly inspired by powerful women with a sharp sense of style who know what they want. The woman who wears my jewelry understands the artistic expression and is always looking for something different and fresh.”

Nikki likes to wake up early, before the sun has come up, and head straight into her studio. The early morning hours are when she is able to be the most creative and innovative. From the years of dedication to her craft, Nikki’s jewelry is refined, contemporary and both elegant and edgy.

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